The Daily Word 8.22.08

Nick Brown
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A Monkey In A Train Station.

Coquille Indians To Recognize
Same Sex Marriages.

Destroys Rocket.

A Standing
Corpse Attends His Own Wake.

Elf Ears Are Totally Possible And Would Look Hot On You.

A Mean
Obituary For A Bitch

Antibody From
1918 Flu Pandemic Offers Hope

Aliens Dead People?

Bus Stop Rapist.

NM Runaway
Held Captive By AZ Man.

More Salmonella at
Diego’s Cafe in Santa Fe.

It’s Tori Amos’ birthday. Here she is covering “
Enjoy the Silence.” Yeah, she kind of bugs.

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou and Robert Masterson for many of these fine news stories.
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