The Daily Word 8.23.10: Trapped Miners, Big Traffic Jam, Neil Patrick Harris.

Nick Brown
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There is a deadly Phillipine bus thing.

world’s largest traffic jam enters its ninth day.

In Chile, 33
trapped miners are ok.

A few
bad eggs.

Albuquerque didn’t make the list of ten
most-tattooed cities.

Animal-shaped cities!

Unravel the mysteries of
Trader Joe’s.

There are reports of
Black-Eyed Kids in Ohio.

Anne Frank’s tree fell down.

There are
alligators in New York.

We need
12-character passwords now.

Has the
Chocolate Cafe closed?

Neil Patrick Harris held a fundraiser for Musical Theater Southwest.

A guy tried to
steal a kid’s bike.

New Mexico is getting a bunch of Federal money for
broadband improvements.

Happy birthday,
Barbara Eden.
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