The Daily Word 8.23.2011 With No More Tailgating, No Drugs In Amy Winehouse, No More Bears In The Heights

Adam Fox
1 min read
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As new fights erupt in Libya, Moamer Kadhafi does “not intend to leave.”

Sorry, 49ers fans;
no more tailgating after the game starts.

A Long Island winery makes
9/11-themed wines, priced at $19.11 each …

The immense
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is unveiled at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Alcohol, but no illegal drugs, are found in
Amy Winehouse’s toxicology report.

Hurricane Irene is set to hit eastern North Carolina.

Mayor Bloomberg wants
red light cameras at every intersection in NYC.

Juan Tabo is open again after authorities
tranquilized a bear this morning.

Photos from a nasty fire and flood at
Dixon’s Apple Orchard.

This will make you feel old;
the web is now officially older than incoming college freshmen.

An ancient
Roman shipwreck is found that was probably used in the transportation of wine.

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