The Daily Word 8.24.10: Egg Recall, George Michael, Medical Marijuana

Adam Fox
1 min read
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The massive egg recall reaches 550 million and counting. Here’s where to find if your eggs have been recalled.

… And not to be outdone, Wal-Mart plans a
meat recall of its very own.

George Michael, of WHAM! and urinal mishap fame, could face
jail time for driving under the influence.

Toshiba is launching a new 3D TV,
no glasses required.

Medical marijuana is helping Colorado’s budget deficit.

The U.S. troop count in Iraq falls below

The City of Albuquerque does a
homeless raid in Phil Chacon Park.

A German man
shot in the back of the head five years ago just now found out.

Home burglars are caught by Dallas man using an
iPhone app.

gator is loose in Chicago.
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