The Daily Word 9.06.10: Elo Hay Bale, Puppy Killer And Jerry Lewis’ Fantasy Life.

Nick Brown
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It’s Slaybor Day.

ELO’s Mike Edwards was killed by a giant bale of hay. What a terrible thing to lose.

There were six
earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Van der Sloot. Travolta. Extortion.

There was a
Guatemalan mudslide.

A horrible girl
threw puppies in the river (like in Blood Meridian !)

Craigslist has censored their adult ads.

There’s some kind of
weird Joaquin Phoenix movie.

Jerry Lewis wants to hit Lindsay Lohan. And then he woud spank her… And then… And then…

time-travelling hipster was caught in this 1905 photo.

Here’s a
hipster dinosaur coloring book.

A woman ate
181 chicken wings.

severed foot was found in Vancouver.

See the
new Sasquatch footage from Oregon.

Albuquerque drunk endangers child.

violent rapist remains at large in the Q.

Albuquerque Goodwill store got some explosives and weed.

Happy birthday,
Rhett Miller.
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