The Daily Word 9.13.10: Robot Skin, Hitler Liked Disney, And Aldous Huxley Died On Acid.

Nick Brown
1 min read
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Watch a video of the San Bruno gas explosion.

Not everyone loves
Lady Gaga.

Delicious, crispy
robot skin can feel pleasure and pain. Pressure, anyway.

Six tyrants and their
secret hobbies.

Party down with new
iris scanners.

Aldous Huxley died on acid. Acid in a Gummi Bear?

Can you
regrow a chopped off fingertip?

chupacabras is real! Maybe it’s not!

Ima let you finish.”

Halo Reach comes out at midnight tonight.

Police may have captured the
Silver Van Del Taco Rapist.

The Rafael del Pino Foundation is paying for
Bill’s trip to Spain.

Martinez wants to repeal medical marijuana.

Happy birthday,
Fiona Apple.
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