The Daily Word 9.17.07

Nick Brown
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O.J. Simpson is in jail without bail for trying to steal/take back some of his sports memorabilia. It’s not clear who legally owned the items, but it’s clear that America is chomping at the bit to see him behind bars.

What’s up with the 12-year-old fashion model? Western culture is confused. Darn those pedophiles.

Judge uses weird music (e.g. Barry Manilow) as punishment.

Sally Field lives her life with grace and dignity.

Bush picks Mukasey to replace Alberto Gonzales.

Cryptid Alert! New species of fruit bat discovered! Also, this Pterosaur footage is unconvincing.

A four-year-old Rio Rancho girl is missing.

The former publisher of the Gallup Independent died.

A man was hit and killed on his bicycle in Tijeras Canyon on Saturday.

A suspect in several attacks on East Indian students at UNM claims to have “12 Chinese girlfriends.”

Burque man has Batmobile!

Czech racer speaks English after accident.

Watch “One Toke Over the Line” performed on Lawrence Welk.

See Owen Wilson’s scars.

It’s supposed to rain today, which I wouldn’t mind at all.
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