The Daily Word 9.27.10: Segway Casualty, Obama In Albuquerque And Kenny Rogers Wannabes.

Nick Brown
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American infidels can expect an “October Surpise” from al Qaeda.

Segway’s owner died driving a
Segway off a cliff.

A Buddhist monk made
footprints in wood.

Read about
Brazil’s new president.

Sometimes men
look like Kenny Rogers.

Sometimes the cops put a
GPS unit on your car without a warrant.

Does the
Super Stack mark the end of food stacking?

Yeti alert!

Ethnic mapping shows segregation in major US cities.

Attention Stargate fans. Both of you. You can buy authentic
Stargate shit.

Newspapers make
spelling errors. Schocking!

The Hobbit movie is in trouble.

Women apologize more than men. And don’t you forget it.

Comic Greg Giraldo took too many pills.

Paris Hilton settled a lawsuit with Hallmark. She will take the stipulated amount in drugs.

Trapped Chilean miners can’t drink or play video games.

The UN appoints
Mazlan Othman as first contact for visiting aliens. I wonder if he’s ever been to Dulce.

Obama’s in the South Valley today.

Lillie Jones died behind bars.

Ted Turner’s ranch boss hold Bible classes?

You can listen to the
Denish/Martinez Temple Albert debate.

Sophie’s got some nice ABQ stories for you over at

Google’s birthday, but there’s no song for it. So it’s Sean Cassidy’s birthday. Ladies, please .
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