The Daily Word 9.28.10: Obama In The South Valley, Elmo Street Fights, Vdara Hotel Death Ray

Adam Fox
1 min read
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President Obama is here in our very own South Valley this morning.

They want you to stay home and
vote in your birthday suit in Illinois.

A small-town mayor in Mexico was
stoned to death.

There’s some kind of
tourist-melting death ray at the Vdara hotel in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles hit a record-high
113 degrees yesterday. Looks like we’re in for a balmy fall.

In other the-world-is-ending news, NYC is issued another
tornado watch.

Production of
The Hobbit movie may be shut down due to a possible actors strike.

Sarah Palin booed on “Dancing with the Stars” supporting her daughter “Bristol the Pistol” (her words, not mine).

Four new world records are set … for the
fastest stiletto race.

Elmo was attacked and ended up
kicking someone’s ass in Winter Park, Florida.

The UNM Lobos football team has been rated the
third worst in the nation, according to ESPN.
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