The Daily Word: Bin Laden Death Photos, Hidden Bomb In Europe, Sony Hackers Strike Again

Adam Fox
2 min read
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The White House plans to release at least one Osama bin Laden death photo.

Bin Laden’s kind of like that
Saw killer; one more video made shortly before his death is expected to surface.

WikiLeaks reveals a rumor in which Al Qaeda has hidden a
nuclear bomb in Europe to detonate in the event of bin Laden’s capture.

Scott Pelley takes Katie Couric’s old seat as the anchor of “CBS Evening News.”

The hackers of Sony’s
PlayStation Network have hit a second online service, exposing 25 million more accounts.

This pissed off customer gets even with Sears by attacking police with a
weed whacker.

An airplane passenger is arrested after placing his hand up a
flight attendant’s skirt.

Paris Hilton’s Hollywood Hills home is available to rent for a cool
$20,000 a month.

Two dogs survive a
175-foot slide off of a cliff.

This middle school teacher shaves for the first time since
9/11, vowing to grow a beard until bin Laden was caught.

The Post Office’s
Statue of Libery stamp turns out to be a picture of the fake Las Vegas one at New York-New York Hotel and Casino.

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