The Daily Word: Brown Haze, War On Drugs, Gluten Free

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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The haze in the sky is smoke from wildfires.

Chief justice of the state Supreme Court says he did not
buy his job.

Driver facing
vehicular homicide charge after cyclist’s death last month .

Arizona sues the feds over
medical marijuana.

Unemployment fell in New Mexico.

Google says hackers in China got into hundreds of Gmail accounts. Chinese government
says that’s baloney.

Lady Gaga killed the notion of “the album.”

Two senators warn that the government is using the
Patriot Act in alarming ways. But they say they can’t talk about it because it’s classified.

war on drugs hasn’t worked, say politicians around the world. The United States and Mexico disagree.

T-Pain renounces auto-tune.

mutant E.coli killed almost 20 people so far.

Nudism is on the decline.

Demand goes up for
gluten-free, vegan baked goods, which means they’re becomming more delicious.

You can’t
scrub yourself off the Internet.
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