The Daily Word Containing Equal Parts Owsley, Japan, Hipster Traps, Dinosaurs, Dst, Julia Roberts And Albert Einstein.

Nick Brown
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Owsley died.

Here’s some crazy
tsunami footage.

And there’s a

And there’s

Because life is unfair, the destruction in Japan may lead to
lower gas prices in the United States.

Iran uses
Children-of-the-Corn-style baby soldiers for crowd suppression.

Scientists have either
discovered Atlantis or Spain.

Someone is setting
hipster traps in New York. Police suspect a hipster is to blame.

Cheerful people die faster than the rest of us.

Daylight saving time can be bad for you.

Madonna has a stalker. A time traveler from the ‘80s, most likely.

Here are some
crappy yearbook photos.

Watch the trailer for the
new X-Men movie.

A Mexican man has
82 Julia Roberts tattoos.

New facts about
the world’s oldest profession (being a dinosaur.)

Uh, oh.
Steve Vai shreds.

How to
freeze water the freaky way.

Meet the
emergency internet bunkers.

The world is in love with
New Mexico’s evil/dumb gun running ring.

There was a
deadly car smash at Coors and Los Padillas Road.

KOAT serves up a gravy boat of cold

Albuquerque bus hit a car. Hard!

Alexis has more compelling local stories over at DCF.

Happy birthday,
Albert Einstein.

Special thanks to Tom Nayder, Geoffrey Anjou and John Hankinson for some of today’s important links.
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