The Daily Word: Domestic Partnerships, A Tsunami, An Earthquake And A Massacre

Christie Chisholm
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Obama announced $5 billion for medical research, including $1 billion for cancer genome research and 12,000 grants awards. The White House says it will create “tens of thousands” of jobs.

Governor will
try to get domestic partnerships passed in the 30-day session.

gay rights have a long way to go.

“Guinean soldiers massacre 157 pro-democracy protesters.” Looting and rape reported.

Samoan tsunami kills 100, estimates say. Some facts about Samoa.

Meanwhile, an
earthquake kills dozens in Indonesia.

Juarez and El Paso may connect via light-rail.

man and his two sons are arrested for the killing of a 20-year-old El Paso woman.

An investigation is launched against
UNM football coach Mike Locksley.

Why did a promoter have to pay
$36,500 in “extortion fees” to free special shapes balloons?

Adobe houses in space.

SunCal sends out attack ads against Michael Cadigan, who is quoted in our Election Guide as calling the company’s Westside project “the biggest rip-off in the Southwest.”

Why is
Howard Dean telling people to vote for Marty?

Michelle Obama is working to get the Olympics in Chicago.

Attacks in Iraq have dropped 85 percent. And next month, 4,000 soldiers will be sent home.

Rep. Alan Grayson says
“Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick.” The GOP is upset.

Why have I not heard of
Google Wave before?

AIDS detection and treatment on the rise worldwide. Isn’t it nice to get good news?

Is your
car one of 3.8 million with risky floor mats?

Lauren Conrad’s debut novel to be turned into a movie. Is it a good or bad thing that I’ve never heard of this person?

If you’re
confused by the health care debate, read this refresher by the NYT .

Can’t sleep? Read this.

disease is killing koalas in Australia.
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