The Daily Word Featuring Twitter Growing Up, Libya Going Crazy, South Park Creators Getting Mormon

Adam Fox
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A New York Times photographer was taken hostage and sexually assaulted in Libya. She took some incredible photos.

Already, this ridiculous Libyan faux-conflict is already costing
several billion dollars.

This man brought an
open can of beer to his DWI court appearance.

Quran is found “guilty,” burned in a Florida church.

Get ready for Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s
Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon.”

People are signing an online petition to have Apple remove a
“gay cure” app.

This Albuquerque man went in to
cardiac arrest and later died after being tased by police.

So that’s where my
WWII-era machine gun went…

This man was so pissed off that
Taco Bell burritos went up in price, he started firing at police. They’re not real anyway, dude.

Stand by Me ? These kids in Texas find a human skull while fishing.

OMG, it’s
Twitter’s fifth birthday!

…And this N.C. historian is telling the story of the
Civil War through Twitter.
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