The Daily Word For 2.28.11 Starring Frank Buckles, Corey Haim And Charlie Sheen.

Nick Brown
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Here are the Oscar winners.

Here are the
Razzie winners.

Corey Haim was not included in the Oscar Montage.

Not everyone is in love with
McDonald’s Oatmeal.

My new favorite rapper
50 Tyson might be lying.

Speaking of which, it’s
National Tooth Fairy Day.

Should we
trade spies with Pakistan?

Frank Buckles, the last living U.S. veteran of WWI, died at 110.

former president of MADD was arrested for drunk driving.

Do you know how to
tie a Full Windsor?

From now on, everything that happens is part of
Charlie Sheen’s master plan. He has Adonis DNA.

The British, famous world-wide for their enticing cuisine, are now eating
monkey meat.

Pentagon loves robots.

A small
nuclear war could reverse global warming, but that doesn’t mean we should have one.

Listen to five seconds of every
#1 pop single ever.

Attention scary music lovers! Now you can buy your very own
doll head theremin.

David Duchovny will be filming Goats in Albuquerque.

The Alibi’s
Ben Radford discusses the chupacabra with Larry Barker. Read more from Ben on the matter in this week’s feature story. Of Larry Barker Ben writes, “The question of Larry Barker’s existence is beyond my purview. I can tell you that I met with someone who claimed to be Larry, but, significantly, he did not provide any identification. Nor, as far as I could tell, did he leave footprints.”

Here is the daily
Albuquerque stabbing.

Albuquerque ranks
#10 in the nation for car thefts.

Look who got arrested on Friday.

Happy birthday,
Gavin Macleod.
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