The Daily Word For 8.30.10: A Chupacabras Bite, A Fancy Car And A Monkey Riding A Goat.

Nick Brown
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A Dallas woman was bitten by the Chupacabras.

Here are the
Emmy winners.

There were shootings in
Arizona and Alaska.

One time, a
monkey rode a goat.

deadly volcano erupted in Indonesia.

Smell the screams of freshly mowed grass.

A bag of cocaine fell out of
Paris Hilton’s purse.

Six secret things from

Martin Short’s wife died.

Pay dirt on my claims about
heavy drinking.

Here’s a
$2 million car.

Ghost Train hunter can now be seen haunting the rails at night.

APD shut down that one
party place.

There was a
stabbing in the South Valley.

West Mesa High doesn’t like

Rudolfo Carrillo reports from
Bubonicon 42.

Happy birthday,
Lewis Black.
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