The Daily Word In A Virus That Makes You Dumb, Horned Helmets And Crock Pot Lids.

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Researchers have identified a virus that makes people stupid. Er.

Snow in Minneapolis is already screwing up the morning commute and canceling flights.

kids don’t even have a TV anymore.

I broke the lid to our crock pot last night. It smashed in pieces all over the floor like a windshield.

Here’s more support for the theory the
Vincent Van Gogh was murdered.

There are lots of
dumb ways to die.

Here’s a lovely
chart of Common MythConceptions supporting my claim that a 19th-century production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle is responsible for the idea that vikings wore horned helmets.

A woman was
dead for 45 minutes, then revived without brain damage.

Iraqi officials claim the leader of the Islamic State group,
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was wounded in an airstrike.

The internet has a
new mug shot handsome guy.

AC/DC drummer
Phil Rudd parties like a rock star and prostitution is legal in New Zealand.

Cranberries singer
Dolores O’Riordan flipped out and attacked people on an airplane like a zoh-hom-beh.

cold front is going to hit New Mexico tonight.

man threatening to jump off the San Mateo overpass shut down I-40 yesterday. I got stuck in it and saw him—he was on the lowest ledge, which didn’t seem all that high.

Right before that, I got stuck in traffic created by a
standoff with an armed suspect at the Luxury Inn on Central.

Happy birthday,
Neil Gaiman.

(Special thanks for links from Sarah Bonneau, Susan Petersen and Stefanie Enochs.)

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