The Daily Word In Afghanistan Fallout, March Madness, Jocko The Bull

Sam Adams
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Hamid Karzai tells American troops to back off in wake of massacre. Taliban also cancels proposed peace talks with U.S.

NCAA Tournament kicks off today—here’s some
last-minute bracket tips. … Or you could just copy President Obama’s.

And by the way,
Lobos tip off at 2:10 on cable, Aggies at 7:45 on regular TV.

Flasher at the Santa Fe Hobby Lobby.

It’s much easier
dealing with DWIs in this state if you’re a former cop.

Jocko the Bull, father of at least 160,000. This guy makes Wilt Chamberlain look like Tim Tebow.

Ex Illinois guv heads to federal lockup in Colorado.

Company getting rich through
“patent trolling” on cities hurting from the economic strain.

Trouser snakes, (not quite) on a plane.

Goldman Sachs takes big hit after employee steps down and
slams company in NY Times op-ed.

Aldous Snow
turns on the paparazzi.

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