The Daily Word In Afghanistan Massacre, Lobo Madness, Drunken Amish Joyride

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U.S. soldier goes on killing spree of Afghani civilians. At least 16 dead. Taliban says it will strike back.

There were also
mass murders in Syria.

Lobos get the No. 5 seed and will play Long Beach State on Thursday. Here’s the full bracket.

52 percent of Republican voters in Mississippi
say they believe President Obama is Muslim.

Another sketchy
officer-involved shooting in N.M.

Slovakian police say youth smokers responsible for

burning down 14 th century castle.

Police say Amish kids were drinking when they
crashed a buggy into a police car.

Bigoted priest put on leave for his anti-lesbian actions.

Donald Draper to Kim Kardashian, et al.: “Being a fucking idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly.”

Sofa King, not cool.

The oldest known
Dickensian film re-discovered.

Start practicing now to pour the
perfect pint of Guinness by Saturday.

Banksy’s rant on advertising was plagiarized.

Can your home owner association really demand
a DNA sample from your dog?

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