The Daily Word In Astorga, Amsterdam, The Nfl

Sam Adams
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Shuttle Enterprise coasts into retirement in NYC atop a 747.

Death penalty trial for
Michael Astorga begins.

In less than a year it may be illegal for tourists to buy pot in

Breaking down Round 1 of the
NFL draft.

Albuquerque police arrest
firefighter in connection with burglary ring.

NBA Playoff matchups set, first round starts Saturday.

Attack of the lobster-sized
cannibal shrimp.

Vlad Putin.

Ever seen a
flying bear on tranquilizers?

Blind Chinese activist may be under U.S. protection after escaping house arrest.

Bieber ignorantly disses Indonesia. Maybe this stupid video of him fakely getting beat up will make you happier. Probably not, though.

Naked Romanian cyclist ticketed for not wearing a helmet.

Man arrested for DUI says he fled the scene because he
“had the runs.”

This woman is
really hot—if you’re made out of Legos.
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