The Daily Word In Awesome Canada, Opposite Day And The Sinking Ghost Ship

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Thousands pilgrimage to Chimayó today.

Las Vegas, N.M.,
fights fracking and bans oil and gas drilling.

Why Canada should be cheered for
ditching the penny.

Easter bunnies.

Kid sells his
kidney for an iPhone.

Marine Corps pilot says he played tag with
a UFO in the ’70s.

Guy gets naked for
Opposite Day.

Jesus appears in duct tape in Albuquerque.

Coast Guard sinks a
ghost ship with a cannon.

Ex-Gov. Gary Johnson says making Gov. Susana Martinez the veep pick would be
Sarah Palin, Part Deux.

Smallest town in the States sells for only

Why Catholics really eat
fish on Fridays.

Pit bull takes a bullet for his owner.

Chevy Chase is an asshole.
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