The Daily Word In Bananas, Crooked Cops And A Sex Fest Road Trip.

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Donations pour in to buy a car for the Eric Frein lookalike, James Tully, who has been hassled by police countless times on his daily five mile walk to work.

Meanwhile, the hunt for Frein is now being conducted by an
unmanned, giant, silent balloon.

A Brazilian orange juice maker has
gone bananas.

CHP officers in the Bay Area are stealing nude photos from women’s cell phones and using them as virtual trading cards.

brilliantly choreographed video from OK Go.

Oprah did damage control after her driver ran over a fan’s foot.

Facebook is worse than you think.

In case you were wondering,
it’s a crime to swim naked with your baby in the state of New Mexico.

In order to fund her roadtrip, this
Chinese teenager plans to sleep with a different man in each city.

The American teenager was not invented until the 1920s.

Behold the
python’s virgin birth.

Beware of retailers peddling
unsafe Halloween costumes for children.

happening in Albuquerque today?

Happy birthday,
Simon Le Bon.
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