The Daily Word In Black Friday, Black Widow And Giant Tortoise.

B.L. Brennan
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Nerves still high in Israel, despite cease-fire.

Black Friday started on Thursday this year, and some people are really unhappy about it.

Tragedy strikes the
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Scientist believe they can bring a particular species of giant tortoise back from extinction.

World famous pool player
“Black Widow” sues Albuquerque company over endorsment deal.

Chickenpox outbreak in Indiana is apparently the largest in US history.

Family of
Hector Camacho wrestles with life support decision.

Bernalillo County commissioners gain international attention over upcoming
vote to amend animal ordinance.

Yesterday in the NFL: The Texans won, the Cowboys lost and
the Patriots embarrassed the Jets.

Black Friday in a nutshell: an incredibly overwhelming nutshell.

I hope you had a better Thanksgiving than
this cat had.
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