The Daily Word In Black Monday, Guns N’ Roses And Difficulty Urinating

Constance Moss
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After stopping a terrorist attack aboard a high-speed Euro train, three Americans and one Brit were awarded the Legion of Honor by the President of France.

Devastating fires in California and Washington are severely taxing firefighting resources, and making the New Mexican skies look more like Los Angeles.

In local fire-related news, firefighters were still trying to put out
a blaze at a strip mall near Coors and Sequoia this morning hours after it was reported.

After reports of suicide linked to the Ashley Madison debacle, the company is offering a
half a million dollar reward for information on the hackers.

Today is being called ‘
Black Monday,’ as the global stock market heads straight down the toilet.

No one thought it could ever happen, but
Slash and Axl have finally made up!

The city of Santa Fe is making it even tougher to find
a place to take a leak.

After a divorce,
who gets custody of the frozen embryos?

Frozen Embryos was
one of the best fake TV bands, fronted by Jordan Catalano.

Though the Dow Jones may be making your 401K vanish, here are some
tips to start your week off right!
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