The Daily Word In Bob Schwartz, Call Of Duty And A Garage Murder-Suicide.

Nick Brown
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Bob Schwartz died.

General John Allen is ensnared in
Operation Secret Girlfriend.

TS Eliot’s widow Valerie died.

Five are dead in a tragic
garage murder-suicide.

eye in the drain.

Hillary Clilnton’s favorite TV show? Hint: it’s not as funny as Green Acres.

bionic hand scares children.

What’s in a
crazy person’s suitcase?

Cyber attacks are on the sneaky rise.

Should your
church influence your voting?

Call of Duty” is linked to Call of Not Feeling Well Today (Cough).

pine marten turns up.

A woman ran over her husband for
not voting.

World Pole Dancing Championship.

Petitions have been filed for
20 states to secede from the nation. Presumably because Romney didn’t win.

scary Black Jesus will steal your soul.

Victoria’s Secret apologizes for a tasteless and culturaly insensitive
sexy Indian costume.

Look at these cool
paper sculptures.

I somewhat disagree with this list of
greatest Bond songs.

There’s a
body in a burnt car south of Belen.

A man called 911 and
confessed to a 1991 murder.

Happy birthday,
Dack Rambo.

Thanks to Constance Moss and Susan Petersen for the excellent links!

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