The Daily Word In Bosque Fire, Wtf Florida, 100-Pound Scrotum

Sam Adams
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American officials say C.I.A. is helping arm opposition to the Syrian government.

Bosque fire is much larger than previously estimated.

Levi Chavez has his
bond doubled and is jailed after a witness in his case said Chavez confronted him.

naked man in Florida lashes out with his teeth.

Wait, what’s that? Another
naked man on drugs in Florida?

Just stop it,
Florida, stop it.

Best-selling biography by notorious, conservative ex-journalist portrays President Obama as a socialist, Muslim political hack.

The death of
“Life in Hell.”

African-American student who was physically thrown out of
a bar in North Carolina is exposing that bar for being, well, extremely racist.

Man with
100-pound scrotum has to wear a hoodie over his junk.

“The bat has the hiccups.”

people really ain’t that bad.
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