The Daily Word In Boston Developments, Nm Wildfire, Derailed Trains

E.J. Maliskas
1 min read
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Police have killed one suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing in a shootout and have mounted house-to-house searches for a second man.

12 bodies have been found at the site of Wednesday’s
fertilizer plant explosion.

Albuquerque firefighter accused of laundering money for the Sinaloa drug cartel pleaded guilty Thursday to one of the federal charges against him.

Wildfire near Mayhill, NM now 90% contained.

When Google Earth’s algorithm fails,
whacked-out distortions ensue.

Fort Sumner appears to have a little bit of a
train derailing problem.

Siri has a record of all of the ridiculous questions you have asked her.

Georgia police officer charged with felony aggravated assault after allegedly
pulling a gun on a customer in the drive-thru line of a McDonald’s.
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