The Daily Word In Bowe Bergdahl, The Brady Bunch And The Pride Parade.

Carl Petersen
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Ann B. Davis died.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was released after five years of Taliban captivity.

Hamburger meat and drama result from the feud over the care of
Casey Kasem.

Google will blanket the earth with internet access.

50 Cent’s amazing pitch.

Is it
mostly sunny or partly cloudy?

I’ll see you there!

I like smashed

Shirley MacLaine addressed the graduates of the New Mexico School for the Arts.

Weather Service radar picked up a
grasshopper swarm over Albuquerque.

UNM’s free, online curandero class.

Here’s a photo essay from this weekend’s
Pride Parade in Albuquerque.

What’s happening in Albuquerque today?

Happy birthday,
Stacy Keach.

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