The Daily Word In Branson, Bronson, Bats And Bands.

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Space tourism may not happpen.

Brittany Maynard decided to die.

World Trade Center is open for business.

You can buy a
Microsoft Band right now, if you want.

Relax to the
soothing sounds of bats.

Bats invaded a courthouse in Utah.

It’s a good time to
learn more about bats.

Hyundai/Kia will pay $360 million for
lying about fuel economy.

Daredevil Nik Wallenda survived his latest tightrope stunt in Chicago.

Meanwhile, an extreme sports enthusiast laughed in the face of danger by impulsively
jumping onto a floating whale carcass surrounded by sharks.

A new
“ruby slippers” app allows you to trigger responses on your phone by clicking your heels.

Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify.

Here are some ideas for your next
stupid rock band tattoo.

Gary Johnson says Hi.

Alexandra Greenwall’s disappearance and return remain shrouded in mystery.

DOJ/APD settlement agreement aims to overhaul law enforcement practices in Albuquerque.

Happy birthday,
Charles Bronson.
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