The Daily Word In Broken Legs, Deadly Dogs And Creepy Dinosaurs

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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Good Morning America’s
Robin Roberts is gay.

Deadly dogs can be irritating … and deadly.

Note to the police:
Only a martini will make me come down.

plus-sized Barbie would require more plastic and cut into profits.

Find out how the
creepy dinosaur keeps watching you.

Anderson Silva broke his leg—like, wiggly broke his leg—during his UFC championship fight.

Guess which
kids can’t go in the ocean anymore.

dogs recognize faces. All dogs recognize bacon-flavored snacks.

An Albuquerque mom allegedly
kicked her son to death.

A Madrid woman is accused of
biting off a finger.

Beware the deadly
bike trail trip wire.

Happy birthday
Davy Jones (and Mike Nesmith).
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