The Daily Word In Burgers, Bond, Beer And Brandenburg.

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There was a gigantic fire in downtown Los Angeles.

I hate mummies!

Experts say a trend toward special orders threatens the delicate balance of speed and profitablity in the
burger universe.

Happy deathday,
John Lennon.

There is no shortage of
red crabs.

Study up on the latest booze trend:
American single malt whiskey.

world’s largest truffle sold for $61k at auction.

Chlorine gas brought tragedy to the
Midwest FurFest.

Has the mystery of the
Tjipeter rubber blocks been solved?

Obama has acid reflux.

James Bond probes the Doily Danger Zone.

The Lizard Squad knocked the
PlayStation network offline for hours just to be mean.

Slayer rescued a kitten.

As a
beer city, Albuquerque ranks high.

Accusers think
Kari Brandenburg inappropriately tried to protect her son from criminal charges.

A little girl died in a
crash on Coors this morning.

Happy birthday,
David Carradine.

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