The Daily Word In Celebrity Deaths, Germanic Sport Victories And Amazing Saucepans.

Carl Petersen
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Germany won the World Cup.

Rest in peace,
Tommy Ramone.

Rest in peace,
Charlie Haden.

Rest in peace,
David Legeno.

Bowe Bergdahl returns to duty.

An inflatable pool could save your life in a
scooter accident.

restaurants, your phone slows down service.

Why do we
refrigerate eggs?

world’s tallest girl … “walked into a ceiling fan.”

Brace yourself for some
scary photos.

Making a
better saucepan actually is rocket science.

Terrorists: they’re out to get us.

American Idol auditions in Old Town.

Albuquerque could lose Amtrak.

APD filmed Ken Ellis on accident.

happening in Albuquerque today?

I saw you, weirdo.

Happy birthday,
Gerald Ford.

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