The Daily Word In Clapton, Clinton, Etsy And Zumba.

Nick Brown
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Lance Armstrong paid a motorcycle courier.

Eric Clapton sold a Richter painting for $34 million.

Meanwhile, other
valuable paintings were stolen.

Hillary takes one for the team.

The allure of

Let’s go to
Berlin. On drugs.

Regretsy promotes artists.

Hypersexuality disorder.

People dress up in

There’s no such person as “
Dave on Wheels.”

I love animals. Especially that
moving lizard.

crashed into a Target.

Somebody made a
threat against the Century Rio movie theater.

A homeless man
confessed to murder. The police let him go. They do things by the book.

Happy birthday
Suzanne Somers.

Thanks to Jen Lipow Silfer and Constance Moss for the assists.
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