The Daily Word In Colorado Movie Massacre, Unlicensed Tattoo Parlors, Scottish Train Drunks

Sam Adams
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At least 12 dead as gunman opens fire at Dark Knight Rises midnight showing in Denver suburb.

President Obama

sportscaster who died in the shootings had written her last blog on a separate massacre.

State officials confirm 48
tattoo parlors operating without licenses in New Mexico.

City’s clean water supply may be jeopardized by millions of gallons of spilled, underground
jet fuel.

Details being
withheld on slain Virginia reporter.

Live updates on this weekend’s
British Open.

Jeremy Lin on his three-year, $25 million deal with the Rockets.

Yay, Albuquerque is not among AARP’s list of the
top five most dangerous U.S. cities.

You can no longer get
blitzed on Scottish trains.
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