The Daily Word In Danger On Lead, Kanye West Inspiration And Scotch In A Can

Marisa Demarco
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APD shoots and kills suspected burglar at St. Pius High.

Casey Anthony releases first installment of her
video diary.

5-year-old boy falls into
open manhole in the Lead construction zone, family says, and swallows sewage.

The final tally of U.S. casualties in the Iraq War:

Mom wraps up
real-live sergeant as Christmas present.

Michele Bachmann should have resigned to.

iPhone app will pay you to work out.

Robert Frank chosen to be UNM’s president.

Inspirational Tweets from
Kanye West.

Best sub-headline of the year thus far:
At the Iowa caucuses, the corpse of the Republican Party was wandering around Des Moines, hungry for brains.

Drunk woman rubs her butt on a
$30 million abstract painting.

Facebook makes in-person conversations

Scientists distort light for the Pentagon to create
time holes.

Code Red Velvet,” a song about the cupcake that threatened national security.

Romney wants Big Bird to run on

Vegan bodybuilders.

Satellite discovers a
buried city in Egypt.

Scotch in a can.
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