The Daily Word In Deadly Videogames, Zimmerman Bail, Bear Park Attacks

Sam Adams
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Anders Behring Brevik, the militant psychopath Norwegian who killed 77 people in July, attributes much of his lethal training to “World of Warcraft” and “Call of Duty.”

George Zimmerman offers the Martin family an apology, has bail set at $150,000.

Santa Fe medical worker
says he was fired for being gay.

A breakthrough in
breast cancer science.

Albuquerque police
shoot another person.

The chicken came first, at least in this instance.

Bears escape from enclosure at Japanese bear park and
kill two people.

Pilot of commercial airliner messes up landing because he was
texting. Everyone’s OK though, lol.

Book on OKC bombing brings new evidence to light.

German court makes it harder for people to watch
YouTube videos.

Kentucky knucklehead
siphons gas from a cop car and posts photo to Facebook.

The weird and wide-eyed world of

The origins of “420.”

R.I.P. Levon Helm
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