The Daily Word In Death, Racism And Halloween

Taylor Grabowsky
1 min read
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Forget about the asteroid nearly hitting Earth this Halloween, and focus instead on the space junk that will actually touch down in the Indian Ocean.

The North Valley insane asylum is being torn down. Well, there go my Halloween plans…

New Mexico Supreme Court rules that
assisted suicide is protected under the state constitution.

The ‘Final Girl’ trope in a horror flick, what’s it all about?

Goodbye bacon!
Processed meats are now believed to cause cancer.

Ole Miss removes the state flag from their campus because of its blatant racism.

With the holidays coming up, don’t you wish you had a way to deal with those pesky racist relatives?
Amy Schumer has you covered.

These guys perfectly recreated
Andy’s room from Toy Story 3.

Peeps have a shelf life of up to two years and other things you’ll learn about Halloween candy,
according to this graphic.
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