The Daily Word In Drugs, Terror And Smog.

Carl Petersen
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Terrorists promise a surprise for the Sochi Olympics.

Seattle and Denver will face off in the

Welcome to
Justin Bieber’s treasure trove of drugs.

Snorting Smarties can lead to nasal maggots.

Scientists ponder the magical appearance of a strange
Martian rock.

Ron Jeremy sings “Wrecking Ball.”

Yoko Ono sings “Fireworks.”

Due to smog,
sunrise in Beijing is televised.

We may have found the remains of
Alfred the Great.

Here’s a list of what the
NSA can do.

Meet the
Paranormal Intelligence Agency.

A woman
crashed into a pole at Grant Middle School.

A man was
stabbed at Third and Central.

Happy birthday
DeForest Kelly.

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