The Daily Word In Earthquakes, Butter Knives And Rattlesnakes

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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California’s latest earthquake spilled a lot of fancy wine.

Rest in peace,
Richard Attenborough.

Fugitives should think twice about taking the
Ice Bucket Challenge.

Suge Knight was shot at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA party. And then there was a video awards thing.

A new
butter knife can spread hard butter.

Finally, there’s a
USB cable that plugs in either way.

China is developing a
super-sonic submarine.

New Mexico extends its luke-warm welcome to the uninvited
Mojave rattler.

Two suspects were arrested in connection with
shots fired at the Cottages.

APD standoff at Bank of America near Nob Hill ended peacefully.

Happy birthday,
Billy Ray Cyrus.
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