The Daily Word In Entertainment 2012, Pit Bulls And Bad Lip Reading

B.L. Brennan
1 min read
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President Obama and congressional leaders try one more time to make a plan for the fiscal crisis.

Los Lunas police look for leads in
Christmas Walmart theft.

Entertainment 2012: The year that nothing really great happened.

Thanks to Pepsi you could join Beyonce on stage at the
Super Bowl!

Old temple and ritual vessels found in Tel Motza, Israel.

fate of two pit bulls in Santa Fe, who fatally mauled a chihuahua, was be decided in court.

I now present, for your viewing pleasure,
Kevin Bacon made out of bacon.

It looks like
Kate Winslet is headed to space.

The Dark Knight Rises was among the
most pirated films of 2012.

Bad lip reading turns a One Direction song into a really awesome trailer for a foreign thriller film.
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