The Daily Word In Equestrian Milkshakes, Copulating Crabs, Inebriated Apes

Sam Adams
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Grand jury clears cop who fatally shot a man. Historically, it’s not surprising.

Kentucky Derby winner’s owner has been
accused of drugging his horses.

Trash on your sidewalk?

Jon Stewart on the Prez’
gay marriage stance.

The guy who was accused of shooting a speeding-ticket van in Santa Fe got

Wi-Fi disabling wallpaper.

Further proof on why
Florida sucks.

And why
Texas also sucks.

And why Germany doesn’t.

horseshoe crab orgy season!

Pescatarian pink slime.

South African apes like getting hammered and messing with stupid tourists.

This 70-year-old who claims to be a
virgin is awesome, and also batshit crazy.


Beastie Boys “Chappelle Show” video you probably haven’t seen.
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