The Daily Word In Etan Patz, Wildfires, Unabomber Status Update

Sam Adams
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Man arrested after confessing to abduction and murder of NYC boy in infamous case dating back to 1979.

Wildfires are back.

Ted Kaczynski fills Harvard classmates in on what he’s accomplished since graduating 50 years ago.

A pilot flying the governor last night forgot to put down the
landing gear.

Chinese police investigating whether arrested man is a
serial killer who targeted teenage boys.

Burglars flee Las Cruces area
home invasion after shooting a 10-year-old who was protecting his family

Miami Heat move on to the Conference Finals.

International Space Station successfully captures commercial
SpaceX Dragon capsule.

Celeb photographer realizes he is
intersex after going to hospital with a kidney stone.

Would you rather be in trouble for a)
spitting blood in a cop’s face in a squad car, or b) peeing in a squad car and calling a cop stupid?

Andy Milonakis is still around and reviewing wine.
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