The Daily Word In Facebook Stocks, Frankenfish, Finger Sandwich

Sam Adams
1 min read
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Facebook hits the stock market, but not every one is buying in.

Trayvon Martin case gets more complex.

Fort Wingate man who admitted to
multiple child rapes is walking free.

Police say man
shot to death in Santa Fe was a well-known thief.

Spice-manufacturing raid near I-25 and Jefferson.

Protests and precautions surround Chicago’s
NATO summit.

Speaking of
Chicago, Cubs’ owner still taking heat for now-canceled anti-Obama campaign.

Virginia man catches a world-record-sized

Red Rock woman was running what looks like an
indoor zoo.

Quail-Man robs a coffee shop.

Teenager gets part of a
finger in his Arby’s sandwich.

Charlize Theron was pretty much
toothless until the age of 11.
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