The Daily Word In Fat Tuesdays, Bloated Bailouts And Luxury Colliding With Fried Chicken

Adam Fox
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The European Union agrees to a $173 billion bailout of Greece and its very mortal economy.

It’s officially
Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and the festivities have already started including a washed-up Cindy Lauper and New Orleans native Harry Connick Jr.

UNM Lobos men’s basketball team are now ranked 18 th and 21 st in the Associated Press and Coaches’ Polls, respectively.

Russian scientists resurrect a
30,000-year-old flower from the Ice Age. Adorable animated feature to follow.

One person dead after a
BMW hits a KFC traveling at speeds higher than 100 mph.

GOP (and moon base) hopeful Newt Gingrich claims beating Obama in the general election is a
“duty of national security.”

UC Davis researchers are
this close in developing a vaccine for salmonella.

A 23-year-old New Mexico college student is
going to court after police say she stole a $2 pumpkin from McCall’s Pumpkin Patch.

A FedEx delivery man predicted the
rise of Jeremy Lin long ago.

Cell phone hackers can
track your every move without your knowledge.

real aughts (the ones that echo “The Jetsons” and Back to the Future ) are finally here as the University of Texas works on a driverless car.

Thanks to Emily for some of today’s links.
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