The Daily Word In Football, Flaming Tampons And Cell Phone Outages.

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Giants and Patriots head to the Superbowl. 49ers Kyle Williams received death tweets for his game-losing kick return fumble in sudden death.

R.I.P. coach
Joe Paterno.

guy shot a nail into his brain and didn’t know it.

Flaming tampons blamed in attempted car burning.

Hipsters react to snow predictably.

Now hiring
Homeland Security people.

Seal and Heidi Klum are splitting up.

Tracy Morgan collapsed at Sundance.

I’m a doctor, not a
hand-held medical scanner!

Are there
scorpions on Venus?

Here are 17 creepy
ways to tie your shoes.

Break me off a piece of that
giant Kit Kat Bar.

Police say a
UNM football player pepper-sprayed his girlfriend.

Has your
cell phone been acting weird?

Archbishop Robert Sanchez died.

Look at the
Albuquerque Crime Map.

Happy birthday
Ernie Kovacs!
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