The Daily Word In Funny Drug News And Other Things.

Carl Petersen
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Did Flight MH370 disintigrate in midair?

smoldering body was found in San Diego.

A Decatur woman with Alzheimer’s was
living with her husband’s dead body for a month.

In Greeley,
stoners can’t get haircuts at Hugo’s Barber Shop. LSD is probably okay, though.

There was an election and
everyone voted for Kim Jong Un. Dennis Rodman won’t go visit him again, though.

Hipsters like obscure bands, then stop liking them when they achieve commercial success.

Mercury, the
cat with no arms, amuses humans by walking upright.

Drug users are reportedly being extorted by people
posing as DEA agents. Drug users who are approached by these fake agents should, um, contact the DEA immediately.

An Albuquerque man is in custody after police learned he had been
holding his wife hostage in their home for the past four days. The wife escaped and called police from a neighbor’s house when the man went to get cigarettes. The man then hid from police in his mother’s house. Drugs may have been involved.

Tesla’s new battery factory might be in New Mexico. Deja vu.

Happy birthday,
Chuck Norris.
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