The Daily Word In Gay Penguins, Approaching Asteroids, And The End Of Red Light Cameras

Adam Fox
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City councilors vote in favor of ending the red light cameras. Hooray!

President Obama’s
health care law is upheld as constitutional by a federal appeals court.

In other incredible news, 43,000 people and counting are signing a petition to prevent
Nickelback from playing the Super Bowl halftime show.

Zookeepers in Toronto are splitting up a
gay penguin couple for the sake of breeding.

Legendary boxer Smokin’
Joe Frazier is dead at 67.

The Penn State sex abuse scandal could permanently taint the legacy of coach
Joe Paterno.

Police could end up tracking your
GPS device without a warrant.

Dr. Conrad Murray, found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, is placed on suicide watch.

Four men and a teenager are accused of attempting to steal a
lion carcass in Ohio.

giant asteroid is making a close pass by Earth today, the closest since 1976.

The White House spoils the fun for everyone in making a formal declaration that
extraterrestrials do not exist.

Happy Birthday,
Leif Garrett!

Thanks to Emily and Constance for some of today’s links.
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