The Daily Word In Gecko Robots, Super Beagles, Suicide Machines

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Siberian people share DNA with ancient human ancestors.

An Oklahoma University professor is arrested for
medical practices on his own students.

the robot that can climb walls like a gecko.

The Loudoun County Republican Party releases an image of a
“Zombie Obama.

The Who’s Pete Townshend likens
Apple to a “digital vampire.”

The beagle that survived a gas chamber is up for adoption, and
I want it.

New Orleans: 15 people shot, two dead on Halloween.

A Sadanese man is beheaded in public in Saudi Arabia for being a

People in the Northeast still without power made some awesome
snow pumpkins.

Hacker group
Anonymous may be targeting the Mexican drug cartels next.

(Un)occupy Albuquerque protesters are granted a limited permit to be in Yale Park.

Dr. Kevorkian’s “suicide machine” will be auctioned off on Friday.
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