The Daily Word In Gingrich, Mistletoe Shotgun, Rod Blagojevich

Sam Adams
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Democrats hedging bets on Romney vs. Gingrich.

Gingrich’s sister is voting for Obama, due to Gingrich’s stance on gay rights.

Gov. Susana Martinez tries
once again to disallow illegal immigrants from getting New Mexico licenses.

Local couple took a wrong turn into a snowstorm on their way back from Arizona.
Wife died trying to find shelter.

The heralded tradition of
blasting mistletoe with a shotgun is revitalized in Decatur, Ill.

The ashes of at least 274 U.S. troops were
dumped in a Virginia landfill.

MoMA visitor falls and rips Picasso.

Illinois ex-Gov. Blago apologizes,
still gets 14 years on 18 corruption counts. He was a mixed up guy. C’mon, all he really wanted to do was trade a Senate seat for cash and impersonate Elvis.

Finalists for UNM presidency interviewed today.

Albert Pujols goes to the Angels on a
10-year contract, reportedly worth at least $25 million a year.

Putin blames Hillary for protests over Russian parliament results.

It’s panda countin’ time.

In other cute animal news,
these pets are ready for the cold.

Michigan vs. Wisconsin:
The mitten wars.

Four killed in Juarez ambulance attack.

The long-awaited release of
Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover.

Florida cops say man
threw a bag of McDonald’s at a cashier, then passed out in his driveway.

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