The Daily Word In Goodbye Elmo, Goodbye Energy Dependence, Goodbye Julena

E.J. Maliskas
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Voice of Elmo exits Sesame Street amid sex scandal accusations.

Albuquerque woman accused of driving twice the speed limit and
drinking beer while driving with two children in the car.

United States predicted to achieve
energy independence by 2017.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are splitsville.

Scientists at Duke say they’ve finally succeeded in building a
perfect invisibility cloak.

Double shooting in southeast Albuquerque leaves one dead and another hospitalized.

Study suggests that flu and fever during pregnancy are linked to
autism risk in children.

MmmMmm Fiber in your Pepsi.

Salmonella in your Nesquik.

Oh, the joys of Movember.

What are the chances of
Marijuana legalization in New Mexico?

Who knew
drops of milk hitting coffee could be so darn beautiful?

Lobo men’s soccer team misses out on tournament championship title.

Lobo football loses to Wyoming.

Wee kittens watch a game of tennis.

Twin baby boys bouncing and giggling and giggling and bouncing.
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